Japanese Culinary Prowess in Montreal

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chef et une grande flamme spectaculaire sur la grille

Japanese Culinary Prowess in Montreal

What is Teppanyaki?

Kobe is the art of Teppanyaki at its best. In Japanese, the word Teppanyaki means “grilled on an iron plate” – a style of cooking that takes place right before your eyes, in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. Inspired by traditional Japanese cuisine, our menu of beef, pork and chicken prepared to perfection, delicious fish and seafood as well as vegetarian dishes is sure to appeal to all palates.

Acrobatic act cuisine

Our expert chefs offer a blend of cooking skills and showmanship to captivate all your senses in true Japanese style. They will dazzle you with their knife-wielding dexterity and performance artistry while preparing authentic Japanese dishes at your table on a sizzling teppan grill.

  • Free parking behind the restaurant
  • Métro Langelier, bus 33 Langelier, 185 Sherbrooke, 197 Rosemont

Kobé Steakhouse: for an unforgettable dining experience with family and friends.

ambiance conviviale repas entre amis

For any occasion - an anniversary, a business meeting or a diner with friends - Kobé will welcome you in one of our private rooms wich can accommodate from 30 to 40 guests.

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